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    "Katie Murphy was the best tutor my daughter ever had.
    Nicole has special needs and Katie was very effective
    in getting the work done and helping her study."

    Alice Smith (Seattle, WA)

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    "What a difference an hour a week with the tutor can make!
    Thanks for finding him for us!"

    Kara Williams (Miami, FL)

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    "Our experience with your service and the tutor you assigned
    to us has been excellent! She is very knowledgeable, relates
    very well with my high school daughter, and is
    available when we need her."

    Dave Thomas (San Diego, CA)

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    "Ben was wonderful! His sense of humor matched
    our daughter's style. She ended the year with an A
    in the class and even better,
    the sense that she could do math!"

    James Anderson (Denver, CO)

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    "Our son just received his grade on his exam from last
    Friday and got an 84% which was the second highest grade
    in his class (someone had a 90%)! Before tutoring, he got an
    on his last test. Thank you Stepping Stone Tutors!"

    Sara Campbell (Phoenix, AZ)

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    "Asuka, our Japanese student was extremely pleased with the
    tutoring service provided by Stepping Stone Tutors. Your tutor's
    help made it very easy to understand what was going on in class.
    If you ever need a reference please feel free to contact us!"

    Katie White Wendell (Dallas, TX)

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    "I improved my ability to speak and understand Spanish. The rates
    are very competitive. Overall, it was an awesome experience
    with Ellen and Stepping Stone Tutors!"

    Catherine Harris (Colorado Springs, CO)

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GED Tutors

Need Help with the GED?

We have more than 200 professional tutors in 20 locations to help you study for the GED. We know how important it is to pass your high school equivalency test. We also understand that many of our GED students work other jobs and need to fit tutoring into their schedule. Our in-home tutors are flexible with when they can meet and even where, if your house for example is too noisy or distracting.

About our tutors

We employ college graduates who have at least 3 years of teaching or tutoring experience and have passed a criminal background check. Our tutors are credentialed teachers and professional tutors who work well with students of all ages and learning styles including learning disabilities and are experts in their subject areas. They all have a passion for learning and will customize a program to meet your specific needs.

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Get help with any of the subjects on the GED

Our in-home tutors can help with any of the math, science, or English on the GED. Some can help with all areas at once or you can specify that you want to work on the math portion only for example. This helps us narrow down the list of potential tutors to help find you the best match possible. Focusing on one or two subject areas at a time also helps you cut down on the number of hours you will need to work with a tutor and on the overall program cost.

Our goal

Our goal is to create long-term and meaningful relationships between our in-home tutors and your family so that each student can not only improve in school but can also learn study skills and build self esteem at the same time. If you're not completely satisfied with the outcome of having an in-home tutor from Stepping Stone Tutors, we will refund your money.

Founded in 2004

We have helped thousands of students since 2004 and now offer in-home and online tutoring for more than 18 in-home tutoring locations including: Austin, Bend, Colorado Springs, Dallas, Denver, Fort Worth, Houston, Irvine, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Portland, Sacramento, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, and Seattle.

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