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    "Katie Murphy was the best tutor my daughter ever had.
    Nicole has special needs and Katie was very effective
    in getting the work done and helping her study."

    Alice Smith (Seattle, WA)

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    "What a difference an hour a week with the tutor can make!
    Thanks for finding him for us!"

    Kara Williams (Miami, FL)

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    "Our experience with your service and the tutor you assigned
    to us has been excellent! She is very knowledgeable, relates
    very well with my high school daughter, and is
    available when we need her."

    Dave Thomas (San Diego, CA)

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    "Ben was wonderful! His sense of humor matched
    our daughter's style. She ended the year with an A
    in the class and even better,
    the sense that she could do math!"

    James Anderson (Denver, CO)

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    "Our son just received his grade on his exam from last
    Friday and got an 84% which was the second highest grade
    in his class (someone had a 90%)! Before tutoring, he got an
    on his last test. Thank you Stepping Stone Tutors!"

    Sara Campbell (Phoenix, AZ)

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    "Asuka, our Japanese student was extremely pleased with the
    tutoring service provided by Stepping Stone Tutors. Your tutor's
    help made it very easy to understand what was going on in class.
    If you ever need a reference please feel free to contact us!"

    Katie White Wendell (Dallas, TX)

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    "I improved my ability to speak and understand Spanish. The rates
    are very competitive. Overall, it was an awesome experience
    with Ellen and Stepping Stone Tutors!"

    Catherine Harris (Colorado Springs, CO)

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In-Home ASVAB Tutors


If you are trying to get into the military and pass the ASVAB, we can help. Our professional in-home ASVAB tutors have at least 3 years of teaching or tutoring experience and can help with the General Science, Arithmetic Reasoning, Word Knowledge, Paragraph Comprehension, and Mathematics Knowledge components of the ASVAB exam.

We can work around your schedule and offer hourly and discounted packages of 5 - 30 hours to suit your needs. Our tutors are available in the evenings and on weekends.

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Students should be prepared to commit to at least 10 hours of tutoring to achieve optimal results and have a review book available to use during your tutoring sessions. We recommend "ASVAB For Dummies" as a good study guide to use on your own or with a tutor because it is easy to follow and has several practice tests in the back of the book.

We also recommend "How to Ace the ASVAB" (eBook) - How to Ace the ASVAB is written in an easy to read format. Skip to the sections that most interest you depending on the branch of the military you would like to join. Learn tricks on how to study and what exactly recruiters are looking for but more importantly, what they do not tell most people. Increase your score and avoid common mistakes. This guide to the ASVAB is sold exclusively through Stepping Stone Tutors - "How to Ace the ASVAB". If you decide to work with one of our tutors (in-home or online), we will include the guide for FREE.

We promise our guide on How to Ace the ASVAB will help you study and take the ASVAB or your money back - no questions asked. CLICK BUY NOW below and we will send you the 9 page guide along with an unlock code within 24 hours.

Quantity 1

How to Ace the ASVAB screenshot

The ASVAB contains nine sections:

* General Science (GS)
* Arithmetic Reasoning (AR)
* Word Knowledge (WK)
* Paragraph Comprehension (PC)
* Mathematics Knowledge (MK)
* Electronics Information (EI)
* Auto Shop (AS)
* Mechanical Comprehension (MC)
* Assembling Objects (AO)

In addition to the VE, various combinations of scaled scores from the nine tests are used to determine qualification for particular specialties. These combinations are called "aptitude area scores," "composite scores," or "line scores". Each of the five armed services has its own aptitude area scores and sets its own minimum qualifying composite scores for each of its occupational specialties or ratings.

Learn more about the ASVAB (Wiki).

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